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Thursday, April 3, 2008

William Discovers a Friend

The noise in background is not a technical glitch - William is vigorously kicking his feet on the crackly area of his play mat. His little coos were too cute to delete the sound.


Becky O'Hara said...

Hi Eileen-
I am really enjoying watching William grow by way of your blog- I check it every few days so keep the pictures and movies coming! I am sure you are enjoying this new miracle, better nown as William. As I get ready for my oldest son's raduation from college I watch William with envy and joy at the years of wonderful experiences ahead of you! Enjoy every moment. I would love to meet him in person and hopefully a bunch of us Autistic folks can come for a visit real soon! FYI- We are having a bridal shower on May 14th for Dawn at Mt. FuJi- Maybe you could sneak away or bring William along and see everyone. Keep the pistures coming! BEcky O'Hara

Anonymous said...

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