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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Every Family Should Own This Book

This post is a little different that others we have posted on our blog. This isn't meant to be a shameless plug for the Westminster Bookstore -- but we just wanted everyone to discover like we did how great this particular book is.

Although there are thousands of children books available for sale, there is a lack of excellent books written from a Christian worldview.

This book does not feature dreamy, Sunday-School-idealized depictions of the real people found in the pages of the Bible. Instead, the illustrations are done in a style kids will relate to, as if drawn by a child themselves. While simple at first glance, their unique perspectives and honest humor will reward the careful viewer. Lots of material for discussion!

Of course, it is the wording of the book that set it apart, which is fitting, as God's Word, the Bible, was given to man in words that can be read, studied, and remembered. Just as God's message can be understood by the youngest of hearers, yet remain unexhausted by the wisest of minds, this little book will teach both children and their parents God's story of redemption.

What is so amazing about this book is that it shows how each story points to Jesus Christ, the Savior. We appreciate how the book shows the scope of God's plan as it is found throughout the whole of the Bible, instead of keeping familiar stories isolated and without meaning.

For example, at the end of the story of the Tower of Babel, author Sally Lloyd-Jones foreshadows the coming if Christ as a Savior by describing how man can never reach up to heaven on his own: ". . . he didn't need a staircase, but a Rescuer . . . People could never reach up to Heaven, so Heaven would have to come down to them. And, one day, it would."

Even young children can begin to understand the beauty of God's design for His creation, and start to see how their own lives are part of God's story.

To read sample pages from the book: click here.

So here is the shameless plug (you knew it was coming!) -- To get a copy for your own family at the lowest price anywhere: click here.

Has It Been a Month Already?

It is hard to believe that it has been almost a full month sine we last posted on our blog. Time really flies when you have a little one on the way.

So here is the scoop from our last appointment a few weeks ago:
  • The baby is in the 50 percentile for its size at its current age. If the trend continues the prediction is that the baby will weigh about 7 lb 4 oz at birth.
  • Eileen, however, has gained about two pounds too many. The midwife cautioned Eileen not to drink too much fruit juice because the pure sugar without fiber adds on lots of pounds to both mom and baby. (We thought it prudent not to mention to the midwife all the candy and cheese steaks we've been consuming of late).
  • Her current belly measurement is 40" and cute!
  • The baby continues to kick up a storm. One night it kicked so much that Eileen kept dreaming that she had gone into labor. In addition to little bops, the baby is sweeping its tiny hands and feet horizontally across Eileen's belly.
  • Even now we can begin to see the personality of our baby. When it is too noisy, the baby is very still. As soon as it quiets down the baby begins kicking again. Also, the baby tends to leap whenever Eileen eats.
We have also begun registering for what we need to welcome our baby home (we only mention this because people have asked). It is sometimes overwhelming trying to figure out exactly what we need -- especially since we have such limited space in our apartment. We have started registries at both Target and Babies R Us. We will continue to add to them as we have time.