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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Aunt Jill bought William's dapper cap as soon as she found out we had a boy. She saved it for a special, first Father's Day. Lots of excitement ensued when we opened up the unexpected package last week. Thank you, Aunt Jill!

Daddy and William go together like khaki and blue.

As a Father's Day treat, William chose today to roll over onto his belly for the first time. We were getting ready for church and William was on his jungle play mat. Instead of the usual crying episode that goes with being on his tummy, he enjoyed his new vantage point and stuffed the elephant's ear into his mouth, crunching away. Pretty soon he will be crawling all over the place . . .

A special thanks to Maureen Mantel for her top notch camera work.


Nina said...

What do you feed this kid??!! He's a chub-ster! JK, William looks perfect in every way! He is adorable!

It is so nice to check in on your blog and see how you guys are doing!

Much Love,
~Nina Cuce

Ron and Carlene said...

William is definitely a charmer.