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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

For Mother's Day, Micah and William took Eileen to Tyler State Park for an afternoon of outdoor adventure. Micah donned his gear - William strapped to his front and a backpack on his back - Eileen grabbed the camera - and off we went. William loved being outside. William eyes were big with wonder as we walked along Neshaminy Creek - but the fresh air eventually lulled him to sleep. We had a wonderful time and hope to become regular visitors to the park

Note that Micah is wearing a T-shirt and sweating while Eileen is cozy in her winter coat, polar fleece, and long underwear!

We weren't the only family out today!


Anonymous said...

Hi Micah and Eileen, Your father stands over me as to tell me what to do yet again,,,,,,,,,, J.K. What a sweet baby, I do love seeing him. Happy mothers day Eileen, I must go I am at work, Jo Ann Wood.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, HAPPY 1ST MOTHERS DAY EILEEN !!!!!!!!!!!! love Rhonda

Ron and Carlene said...

William, Hiking in Pennsylvania is great fun. We think you will really enjoy hiking in Maine this summer. Make sure Mommy and Daddy do lots of hiking in Pennsylvania so they are ready for the fabulous hikes when you visit us in July. Love, Grammie and Grampie B