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Thursday, September 27, 2007


NO, not to a new apartment! Last night Eileen thought that she might have felt the baby move for the first time. It seemed too faint to be sure, perhaps more hopeful imaginings than real action. But today there is no doubt -- we have a little kicker on our hands. When you hold your hand on Eileen's belly, you can feel a forceful punch! Baby is skimming around in there, topsy-turvy and pushing the boundaries in all directions.

When little Evan Osgood was in the womb (he is now a more than one year old), he would begin leaping whenever their pastor would start preaching. Will our little one have that same God-ward excitement?

The tough thing now is that Eileen is no longer allowed to sleep on her back because she could cut off blood supply to the baby. She has had restless nights of sleep as she tries to stay only on her side. She first had to learn to remain on her back in order to breathe through the night with her baby-swollen sinuses, and now she has to break that hard-won pattern. Why is it that when you are told not to do something -- that is the only thing you can do? Well , I guess that is a discussion on the effects of sin -- for another day . . .

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Anonymous said...

I was told that I still could "technically" sleep on my back as long as I was propped up. And if you have any concern, I was also told that the I would start feeling ill (thus signalling me to change positions) long before the bambino did.

BUT more importantly - how exciting that you can feel movement already!