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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Eileen IS Pregnant!

It has been confirmed -- what we expected all along -- Eileen is pregnant. This was the final conclusion after our appointment that lasted 1.75 hours.

We filled out a lot of paperwork, insurance forms, questionnaires, etc. and had a brief exam. The people at The Birth Center were very nice and willing to answer the many questions of this first-time expectant couple.

We will return tomorrow for an official orientation and birthing seminar (we will enroll in a 5 week birthing class at a later date). Our next appointment is in four weeks. At that time we should be able to hear the baby's heartbeat.

The most exciting thing, according to Micah, is that our baby might be a Leap Year baby. According to calculations, the due date is February 24. Our midwife told us that first babies are usually late -- perhaps even early March. Nana Holm is hoping to receive a grandchild as a present on her own birthday, the 26th. But Micah is hoping for a Leap Year baby -- that would just be cool.

In other exciting news, Eileen fulfilled her life-long dream of visiting Ikea. It was everything she ever imagined. She is reported to have gasped, "It is like Magic Land." The trip to the thrilling store was capped off with lunch in their Swedish Cafe -- complete with lingonberry punch, Swedish meatballs, and a life-sized Dala horse. Eileen told Micah, "This was the best date ever!" In the end we left empty-handed, but inspired, and proceeded to our relatively boring appointment.


Anonymous said...

I hope the baby is born on Feb 23rd!! Thats my bday (debbie):):)

Unknown said...

I laughed so hard at the last paragraph...because my wife knows that she can get me to tag along to Ikea any time, as long as I know there is that magic island of Swedish meatballs and ligonberry sauce half way through the journey.

Micah and my wife are both fortunate to have married "cheap dates"!

Anonymous said...

Grampie B. says that maybe the baby will be born on Micah's birthday, March 3 or his birthday, March 22. Grammie B. says March 3 would be okay but March 22 would be too long to wait for the arrival of this precious bundle of joy. When are you going to take us to the Swedish meatball place?

Anonymous said...

....and on another note, there is a girl at the "Giant" grocery store whose NAME is Ikea (though doesn't look a lick of svenska...)

just sayin'...

(really, it DOES beat naming the little pumpkin "Gamburg's", and I'll be thinking of worse suggestions before February)